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The most user-friendly, modern and transparent digital privacy tool.

Suits for all industries and meet requirements in all global rules, like GDPR, CCPA, LGDP, PoPI and others.

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All the features you need

With Personvernappen you easily prepare records, assess risks, store data processor agreements, create internal privacy rules and handle data breaches, perform audits etc.

The content you need

We have a huge library of pre-filled record (for different industries) from our customer base in Norway and Lithuania. Using the library will shorten the use of time and money considerably

Makes you transparent

All data entered in to Personvernappen is structured to be used for automation of privacy policies, consent, insight, compliance overview and instructions. Data is searchable.

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Key features in Personvernappen

Prepare records the intuitive way

In Personvernappen you use templates or pre-filled records from our content library, to complete the overview of which- and how you are using personal data.

Simple and functional risk assessment

Use our template for risk assessment of both technical and organizational security. In addition you can use our template for DPIA.

Generating privacy policies

Based on the records, the tool automatically creates all privacy policies for you need to inform customers and citizens.

Publishing your privacy policies

You can publish all your privacy policies through Personvernappen and link them to webpages, emails etc. Extremely effective feature.

Generating instructions for employees

Personvernappen is automatically generating a privacy instruction per record. In addition you easily can add common rules.

All data processor agreements in one place

In Personvernappen you register all data processors and upload the agreements. Use our template to assess if the agreements are up to standard.

Compliance overview

Based on all activities you perform in Personvernappen, the tool is creating av compliance overview, both for the whole business and per department.


When you prepare the records you also assess if the process need to be further assessed to secure the data. Use our checklist to do the assessment.

Handle Data Breaches

Use our template for data breaches and keep track of all your breaches in one place, organized per department. Use the data to inform the authorities, if required.

Content and insight (access of data)

Coming features for consent and insight will be based on automation to simplify the organization of your consents and to minimize the work if someones wants insight.

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Some of our customers

Suits for all industries


Trigger AS, Isurvey AS, Helgelandssykehuset, Universitetssykehuset i Nord Norge, Reno-Vest, Mørenett, Lindås kommune,Tana kommune, Skaun kommune, Lenvik kommune, Berg kommune, Nord Fron kommune, Lesja kommune, Dovre kommune, NLA høgskolen, Frogn kommune, Tromsprodukt, Karlsøy kommune, Tysfjord kommune, Kvæfjord kommune, Luostejok kraftlag, Attende AS, Kautokeino kommune, Vevelstad kommune, Vega kommune, Sømna kommune, Brønnøy kommune, Sørreisa kommune, Sokndal kommune, Lavangen kommune, Agder Energi, Istad AS, Nordlandssykehuset, Alta kraftlag, Vega kommune, Bodø Energi, Nord Trøndelag Energi, Den samiske høgskolen, Flakstad kommune, Vågan kommune, Bindal kommune, Lødingen kommune, Dyrøy kommune, Alta kommune, Lofotkraft, Varanger kraft, Bardu kommune, Finnmark fylkeskommune, Skånland kommune, Tromsø kommune, Luster kommune, Røst kommune, Hattfjelldal kommune, Grane kommune, Sortland kommune, Målselv kommune, Lurøy kommune, Hadsel kommune, Hamarøy kommune, Hemnes kommune, Frøya kommune, Bø kommune, Salangen kommune, Loppa kommune, Vadsø kommune, Lebesby kommune, Sør Varanger kommune, Harstad folkehøgskole, Acos AS, Flå kommune, Nes kommune, Gol kommune, Hemsedal kommune, Ål kommune, Hol kommune, Molde kommune, Rauma kommune, Midsund kommune, Aukra kommune, Vestnes kommune, Bykle kommune, Valle kommune, Evje og Hornes kommune, Wilsgård fiskeoppdrett AS, Nergård havfiske AS, Berama AS, Finnsnes Dykk og Anlegg AS, Ballangen Sjøfarm AS, HK Data AS, Risa AS, Aktiva AS, Bodø Industrier AS.

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Other solutions and services


Whatif Risk Assessment

Some processes- and IT security may need a deeper assessments of risk or privacy consequences. Our risk tool Whatif suits for these types of assessments and are used by many of our customers. Use our ready to use privacy templates to simplify the assessments.

Business Brainstorm

Test your readiness

One of the best ways to test if privacy is taken care of, is to perform exercises where you have to handle tough scenarios and events. Use our tool ExerCrises to easily perform such tests at your office. Use our exercises library or create your own scenarios.

Glass Conference Room


Our team of consultants are experienced in both over all and detailed management of privacy. We have experience from hundreds of customers. We can build a privacy program for you or assist you in the parts where the need is largest.

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Contact us

Tel: +47 95216433

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